Cool Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet Bird


All of bird fans want the entire world to understand how smart and unique their feathered friends are, and also a fantastic way to showcase your bird’s talents would be to educate your bird a few cool tips that will impress anyone who sees them. It can appear hard to train your pet bird in the beginning, but if you begin with the fun and simple tips outlined below, you will be amazed by how easy it is to teach your bird adorable tricks which will delight viewers of all ages. Keep in mind that moment, practice, and patience!

  1. Teach Your Bird the “Step-Up” Command

The “step-up” control has become the most precious and basic command which it is possible to educate your pet and can be something which all pet birds ought to know. Many bird suggestions are constructed upon a parrot’s comprehension of this “step-up” control, so it’s very important to start any training regimen by instructing your bird this suggestion. Not only will it enable you to educate your bird more striking maneuvers, but also teaching your bird can also come in handy through vet visits, cage cleaning time, and several different elements of bird ownership. Set aside time to begin working on this command in case you haven’t done so already.

  1. Teach Your Bird to Wave Hello

As soon as your bird gets mastered the “step-up” control, you can move on to instructing them a very adorable and enjoyable trick–the way to wave! Teaching your bird is among the fastest and most easy tricks which you are a behavior for any bird to learn, also could educate your pet. Just bear in mind that ensuring that your bird knows how to step-up is a necessity for this suggestion, and make sure you have tons of yummy treats nearby so which you could benefit your feathered friend for her or his secret coaching success!

  1. Teach Your Bird to Talk

Among the earliest and most tricks is their capacity to learn how to speak words. There are several techniques and techniques which are very popular for educating a parrot to speak, but a general rule is that repetition and patience appear to be the most effective approaches to coax parrots. 1 thing to remember is that not all of parrot species have the capability to mimic words and of the ones that do, occasionally individual birds still might not pick up on it. Go into practice your bird having an optimistic and positive attitude, and with training, you can surprise. Perhaps they will even discuss on the telephone or advancement to singing.

  1. “Potty Train” Your Bird

Some folks will tell you it is not possible to “potty train” a bird, and at the literal sense of the period, it generally is. It is possible, however, train your bird to use the toilet on control in a location which you designate, and it is really a whole lot simpler to do than it might appear. Try out a few of those bird methods together with your friend, as soon as you’re comfortable holding coaching sessions with your pet.


  1. Create Your Own Bird Tricks With Clicker Training

Clicker training is one of the most frequently accepted training methods utilized on creatures of species, forms, shapes, and dimensions. It builds upon the concepts of conditioning and uses. The very interesting part about clicker training a bird is that you can basically build your bird tips from scratch, then use clicker conditioning to teach your bird to do some orders your imagination can produce. Give it a try with your parrot and determine what kinds of amazing and enjoyable tricks that your bird can do!