Facts About African Grey Parrots


If you have ever noticed an African Grey parrot, you then understand they are beautiful birds, but did you know they are capable of amassing vocabularies up to 1,000 words or longer, and with the words they know to talk in circumstance? To say that these critters are smart are an understatement, and the best part is, that is not the one thing which makes the African Grey parrot unique. Keep reading to find some of the fascinating and interesting facts such as information about the subspecies of African Grey their source, and much more. Learning about these birds can motivate you to become involved with all the species at a capability that is bigger, be it via study, adoption, or conservation.


  1. There’s More Than One Sort


While all kinds of gray parrots seem alike, there are two types and a couple subspecies of the bird that is beloved. Common and the most popular is that the Congo African gray. The Congo African gray is the biggest of a black beak, wearing a color in its plumage, and the parrots. The next form is. Another feature of this Timneh grey is that it’s a mandible rather than a one. Despite their differences, these types of African grey parrots both make exceptional pets, and the two are smart. Mandible rather than a one. Despite their differences, these types of African grey parrots both make exceptional pets, and the two are smart.

  1. They’re Among the Most Intelligent Bird Species

Apart from being among the very popular pet species, African gray parrots are also among the very intelligent. Lately, scientists across the world have performed on the capacity of African gray parrots much research. The most well-known example of this is that Dr. Irene Pepperberg conducted together with her famous African gray, Alex. Using Alex along with other African greys in study trials focusing on communicating, she managed to demonstrate that not only does African grey parrots learn an unbelievable number of human words, but they could learn how to utilize them in context to convey with their owners. It’s been stated that these birds possess the psychological and psychological capabilities of a kid.

  1. Caring for an African Grey Can Be Hard Work

Since they’re so smart, African gray parrots form quite powerful bonds with their owners and may be very emotionally destitute. As a result of this attribute, they do well with owners that can devote time to interacting with them and managing. Additionally, African gray parrots need a great deal of exercise to maintain their powerful muscles toned and keep a decent physical state. This usually means they have to have the ability to devote a few hours every day outside of the cages, playing supervised, “parrot proof” areas.

  1. They Can Live for a Very Long Time

Gray parrots are known to live for up to 80 years in captivity, so it is imperative that may commit to a life of living with a bird. African gray parrots are emotionally sensitive to have the ability to manage being bounced from owner to owner, but a lot of them since people rush into adopting them without thinking it through do possess houses. You can help put an end by making certain you set, also by assisting educate individuals about possession that is gray.

  1. They’re Hard to Keep Occupied

People can relate to the issues of maintaining a child occupied, therefore it is not a stretch to state that from becoming bored maintaining a bird can be comparable. African gray parrots need lots of mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy, so they have to be offered with a range of toys along with other tactics to exercise their heads. They create habits which may require intervention and could resort to behavior.